Fun Classroom Activities, Games and Puzzles

If you're looking for fun classroom activities, weekly math problems and puzzles, games, riddles, and other fun and educational websites, the following sites in the Virtu Software family of educational sites are just what the doctor ordered.

Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction

Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction is a website designed for teachers, students and anyone else who enjoys creative writing. Teachers can set up writing prompts for their students, and then read the student's writing straight off the website. Or, if you don't feel like writing, you can visit the Featured Gallery to see some featured writing by site members.

The Problem Site

An educational website that's beyond description. Every day thousands of visitors lose themselves in the wonderful maze of word games, math games, treasure hunts, brain teasers, and other fantastic resources like Secret Codes And Messages, Search It Out, and Programming Tips.

Quote Puzzler

For those who love words, the English language, and puzzles, this is a site you won't want to miss. This site has several word games, like Secret Word, Scrambled Word, and X-Words, Quote games like Quote Puzzler, In And Out and Speed Phrase, and word building games like Top Letters, Word Builder, and HoneyComb.

Tile Puzzler

For those who love geometry, shapes, pentominoes, tetrominoes, and puzzles, Tile Puzzler is the place to visit. Create your own puzzles, or solve others' puzzles. Visit the site every day to try the daily puzzle and compare your score with other members' scores!

The Puzzler Store

Visit this site to get ideas of great puzzle and educational resources you can buy at Amazon. Or, click here to visit the Puzzler Blog and find out what's new at Virtu Software's various Puzzle websites!

Other Great Sites

In addition to these great educational resources, check out these other websites from Virtu Software:, Anti-Spam Site, and Ask Doug, Math Problem Writing Service.